Colca Canyon

1043993_10200107183992126_911873085_n 21353_10200107186712194_1324321865_n 17526_10200107187192206_1444725424_n 1005692_10200107189192256_1936548046_n 1004619_10200107190552290_1509296626_n 1002394_10200107197232457_439298311_n 969136_10200107205192656_642990330_n 994834_10200107205792671_570173407_n 1003959_10200107207672718_1609581909_n 1002081_10200107215192906_1636587997_n 1012010_10200107225953175_248976968_n 1003434_10200107228033227_792334614_n 8869_10200107230753295_1376824871_n

Such an amazing part of my trip!  I may have to return one day and make the hike to the bottom of Colca Canyon.  And maybe stop in that one small town again to get dressed up like the locals.  All I know is I sure wouldn’t mind seeing the condors fly again…pictures can’t do it justice.

The last couple are from a random bathroom stop in the middle of nowhere, and they capture what may have been the most beautiful sight of the trip.  Just goes to show that the best travel moments are hidden where you least expect.  In places not even the best guide book will talk about.


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